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Dewinterizing the RV Water System

Dewinterizing is simply the process of removing all traces of the RV antifreeze that was used to protect the water system.

1. Put several gallons of water into the fresh water tank.
2. Turn on the on-board water pump, and open a cold water tap.
3. Allow the water to flow for several minutes.
4. Connect the water hose to your city water supply inlet. Turn on the supply.
5. Open all taps one by one and allow the water to flow for several minutes.
6. Flush the toilet several times.
7. Now open the water heater bypass and fill the water heater with fresh water.
(You may want to allow a few gallons to flow through the water heater, then let it drain completely before re-installing the water heater drain plug)
8. Run water through all the hot water faucets.

That's it!