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Installing a Slide Topper Awning


A slide topper is a small awning that automatically extends and retracts as the slide out section moves. The awning helps protect the slide roof - any debris that collects on top off it is rolled off as the awning retracts with the slide out room.

 RV Slide Topper Hardware Kit

The Hardware Kit ...

       The kit comes complete with all the hardware neccessary for installation.

Install the brackets ...

Locate the mounting brackets, as show, and pre-drill the holes. Apply a daub of silicone sealant in the holes before screwing down the brackets to seal them. The screw heads may also be covered with clear silicone sealant.

 Slide topper bracket ...

Slide in the tarp ...

 Feed the fabric into the slide topper awning rail.
Open the channel of the awning rail a little to prevent the fabric from hanging up and possibly ripping as it is slid along the rail.

Locate the awning ...

The awning is located in the correct position and the arms are riveted in place. The awning fabric is anchored to the awning rail with a couple of self-drilling screws.
 Slide topper installed in bracket.
 Slide topper installed.
The completed job!