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RV Exterior Care

The exterior finish of your RV is continually being assaulted by the sun, the rain, the bugs and road debris. Oxidation is a natural process and will attack your shiny new paint leaving it with a dull-looking, chalky surface. This is actually the paint itself in the process of self destruction through the action of the elements.

Wash the exterior with specially designed car washing products. Household detergents and cleaners can actually harm the surface due to the alkaline or acidic nature of these products. Apply a quality automotive wax periodically or use the cleaner and wax combination when washing your unit to provide continuing protection.

A good set of mud flaps on your tow vehicle or motor home will eliminate a great amount of the damage caused by road grit being flung back on the trailer. The brush type of splash guard that mounts to the rear bumper is also very effective when used in combination with the mud flaps. If you regularly travel on gravel surface roads then consider installing a rubberized stone guard material on the front lower portion of your trailer. It only takes a few miles of loose gravel to demolish the aluminum panels or permanently mar the fiberglass top coat.