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  for the RV Do-It-Yourselfer

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Operating Your Awning

Awning roll-out

  1. Release the travel locks on both awning arms.
  2. Switch the ratchet mechanism to roll out position with the awning rod.
  3. Hook the pull strap with the awning rod and roll out the awning.
  4. Slide the rafters up into position on the awning arms.
  5. Tighten the rafter knobs on both rafters.
  6. Raise the awning to the desired height.

Awning retraction

  1. Lower the awning arms to the rest position.
  2. Loosen the rafters knobs and release the rafter catches.
  3. Slide the rafters down to the rest position.
  4. Grasp the awning to prevent it from rolling up by itself.
  5. Switch the ratchet mechanism to the roll-up position
  6. Control the roll-up with the pull strap and awning rod.
  7. Secure the travel locks and snug up the rafter knobs.


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